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This is our immense pleasure to inform that with active co-operation of the government of Bangladesh, Exporters Association is playing a pivotal role in the Export Horizon of the country. Exporters Association of Bangladesh is an Apex Association for the exporters, incorporated by the government of Bangladesh in order to formulate policy concerning  export trade, oversee the problems, monitor existing situation of export, seek  government assistance for export trade, submit views for inclusion in the national budget, identify national and international barriers and suggest measures for addressing the bottlenecks & impediments for smooth & orderly running of the export trade of the country.


It is worth-mentioning here that about 50 (fifty) Associations related to and involved in export trade, are the corporate members of the EAB. We have firm belief that during the tenure of the present benign government of Bangladesh, EABs humble voyage to the perilous and challenging path of the export will find light in quest of achieving Countrys foreign exchange earning to the tune of 50 Billion U.S dollar by Vision 2021.



Accelerate economic prosperity of Bangladesh through trade and investment.



With the valuable expertise of the honorable members from different business fields from the countries, EAB is committed to serve the business community of Bangladesh at every step of promoting  trade and investment for economic prosperity of the countries.



                  To Collect and provide business information in Bangladesh                      for foreign buyers.

                  To promote the trade and investment in Bangladesh.

                  To explore  new areas of investment and encourage the                             establishment of Bangladesh

                  To identify areas of difficulties in investment and important                     trade barriers and take steps to overcome those.

                  To arrange training programs  /  workshops  / seminars for Human

                  Resource Development and others in Bangladesh.



1.                 Special Benefits:

                   Trade Fair                      :    EAB members will get the opportunity to participate in Trade Fairs organized by EAB in Bangladesh at a discounted rate.


                    Seminars/workshops     :    EAB members will get the priority to join the      Seminars/Workshops organized by EAB at      special rate along with other facilities.


                    Information Services      :    EAB members will be provided with important business information services.


          2.       Export/ Import Benefits:

                    EAB will provide related information for Bangladeshi Exporters and necessary Market Information of abroad.


          3. Communication Benefits:

                    EAB will support all Members for assist in meeting with the Authority of Foreign Mission in abroad


Membership Procedure

Eligible companies/organizations can collect Membership Application Form from the office of EAB and submit the same along with the required Membership Fee and the supporting documents.




A.      Ongoing Activities

          1.       To Provide the Advisory Services to the exporters looking for business/investment opportunities in Bangladesh.

          2.       To discuss with the appropriate authorities for removing      any obstacle (s)/impediment(s) for promoting business and investment in countries.

          3.       To collect economic information of Bangladesh and others exportable countries when required.

          4.       To maintain liaison with the media and encourage wide                         coverage of EAB activities.

          5.       To look into the difficulties/obstacles members are facing with import/export, duty structures, transportation, dumping/ antidumping, IPR or other trade related issues.

          6.       To organize Trade Fair in Bangladesh for promoting trade    and investment.

          7.       To organize Business Forums, Seminars, etc.
to share views      on impediments related to business & investment and 
To     take up appropriate issues with the government to countries.

          8.       To organize appropriate seminars and training courses for benefit of the EAB member organizations.


B.      Future Activities

          1.       To organize Bangladesh Trade Fair in abroad for increasing export from Bangladesh and promote trade and investment.

          2.       To send Trade & Investment Delegation from Bangladesh

                   To target countries and to organize Bangladesh                           Investment Seminar/Business Forum over there

                   to encourage more foreign Investment in  Bangladesh.

          3.       To continue the membership drive.

          4.       To establish EAB own office set-up.


C.      Major Activities during 2016

          1.       The General Membership of EAB increased to 500 as on 2017

          2.       Four quarterly issues of the EAB Newsletter (by e-mail)                       were published.

          3.       EAB took active part in the Discussion Meetings /       Seminars/ Gatherings of the Trade Bodies and other organizations.

          4.       EAB Organize a Export Trade Show-2016 in Dhaka.


D.      Current Members of EAB (as on 30.12.2015)






Association Group

1.       Exporters Association of Bangladesh

2.       Bangladesh Garments Manufactures & Exporters Association (BGMEA)

3.       Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA)

4.       Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceuticals Industry Ltd.     

5.       Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA)

6.       Bangladesh Frozen Foods Exporters Association

7.       Bangladesh Garments Printers Association.

8.       Bangladesh Terry Towel & Linen Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BTTLMEA)

9.       Bangladesh Corrugated Carton & Accessories Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BCCAMEA)

10.     Leathergoods & Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association       of Bangladesh (LFMEAB)

11.     Bangladesh Grey and Finished Fabrics Mills Exporters Association

12.     Bangladesh Export Oriented Garments Washing

13.     Bangladesh Jewellery Manufacturers & Exporters Association

14.     Bangladesh Label Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BLMEA)

15.     Bangladesh C.R. Coil Manufacturers & Exporters Association

16.     Bangladesh Embroidery Manufacturers and Exporters Association Industries Owners Association

17.     Silk Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh

18.     Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association

19.     Bangladesh Pet Flakes Manufacturers & Exporters Association

20.     Bangladesh Sewing Thread Manufacturers & Exporters Association

21.     Bangladesh Bi-cycle & Parts Manufacturers and Exporters Association  

22.     Bangladesh Dyed Yarn Exporters Association

23.     Bangladesh Jute Exporters Associations (BJEA)

24.     Bangladesh Handicrafts Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BHMEA)

25.     Bangladesh Craft and Giftware Exporters Association

26.     Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Service (BASIS)

27.     Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA)

28.     Bangladesh Flower Society

29.     Bangladesh Flower Growers and Exporters Association

30.     Bangladesh Finished Leather & Leather Goods & Footwear Exporters Association

31.     Bangladesh Jute Goods Exporters Association

32.     Bangladesh Salted & Dehydrated Marine Foods Exporters Association  

33.     Bangladesh Rice Exporters Association    

34.     Bangladesh Jamdani Manufacturers & Exporters Association

35.     Bangladesh Jute Mills Association (BJMA)

36.     Bangladesh Fruits Vegetables & Allied Products Exporters Association

37.     Bangladesh Horticultural Producers and Exporters Association

38.     Bangladesh Garments Accessories & Packaging Manufactures & Exporters Association(BGAPMEA)

39.     Bangladesh Live & Chilled Food Exporters Association


Export House Group

01. Saasco Group

02. Classic Group

03. Vertex Group

04. Chaity Group

05. News Style Garments Ltd.

06. Apparel Mart Ltd.

07. Favourite Garments Ltd.

08. Bengal Meat Processing Industries Ltd.

09. Patriot Group

10. Designtex Group

11. TRZ Group   

12. ABA Group

13. Oxy Trading (BD) Ltd.

14. Dotcom Sweater Ltd.

15. Lyric Group

16. Ferro Alloy Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.

17. Radiance Group

18. Meditex Industries Ltd.

19. Divine Fashion (Pvt) Limitd

20. Islam Group

21. P.A. Fashion Ltd

22. Wells Tech Solutions Ltd.

23. Paradise Cables Ltd.         

24. Britex Sportswear Ltd.

25. Tusuka Fashion Ltd.

26. M/S White Horse Pharma Ltd.

27. Heart One Gmts. Ltd.

28. Bangladesh Textile & Chemical Fabric Industry Ltd.

29. Synthia Packaging Accessories Ltd.

30. Ligion Herbal Ltd.

31. Star Sweater Ltd.


33. MB Knit Fashion

34. Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd.

35. Sterling Fashions              

36. TCBL Group          

37. M/S Orchid Trading Corporation                 


We have the pleasure to inform that Mr. Abdus Salam Murshedy has taken-over the charge as an elected President of Exporters Association of Bangladesh (EAB). Mr. Murshedy is one of the Leading Industrialists of the Country having enterprises in Textile, RMG, Real Estate, Banking, IT and Freight Forwarding Sectors. Mr. Murshedy is the immediate past President of BGMEA, the largest foreign exchange earning body, a living-legend of Soccer and Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF).


Being a highly enterprising personality, he is trying to mobilize his endeavors to increase export earning. The main focus of his endeavors is to hasten accelerated development of the neglected Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) so as to enable them to enhance the business capability in the export trade in particular. As you know, the foreign exchange earning through export trade and remittances of the Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) is the life-line of Bangladesh economy. To this end in view EABs all-out efforts are directed towards achieving the highest possible earning in foreign exchange.


It is worth-mentioning here that about 50 (fifty) Associations related to and involved in export trade, are the corporate members of the EAB. We have firm belief that during the tenure of the present benign government of Bangladesh, EABs humble voyage to the perilous and challenging path of the export will find light in quest of achieving Countrys foreign exchange earning to the tune of 30 Billion U.S dollar by 2013.


We would, therefore, ardently expect your assistance and co-operation in the accomplishments of the chartered functions of the EAB under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Abdus Salam Murshedy for well-being of the economy in the days ahead.







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